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Life Safety Systems

Life Safety Systems

Diefenderfer Electric offers the installation of all major brands of Fire Alarm, Card Access, Surveillance and Emergency Call Systems. What makes Diefenderfer different from other installers is our vast experience in different types of campuses including universities, corporate offices, elderly housing, casinos, data centers and industrial plants.


Because we offer expertise in all aspects of the industry, we offer the ability to have all your life safety systems communicate over conventional wiring methods, over your computer network or using wireless devices. This gives you unlimited record keeping and monitoring capabilities.

Fire Alarm Systems
State of the art addressable systems allow you to know exactly which device was activated.

Card Access Systems
Control who has access to your buildings and when. You can limit access based on the user’s need and add or deny access without the need to get a key or employee badge returned to you. The same card systems are often used to keep payroll records or offer access to parking garages or purchase items from vending machines or food services.

Security Alarms
Systems can be programmed to monitor perimeter and interior zones of your buildings at different security levels at various times throughout the day, giving you maximum security. Panic alarms can be placed strategically throughout your building giving your staff to sound  emergency alarms instantly.

Campus Emergency call Stations
These stations are installed outside in campus environments such as colleges, corporate offices, hospitals and shopping parking areas. The blue light on top lets you know where they are and you can program them to call all pertinent emergency response teams.

Surveillance Systems
Digital cameras and storage systems make it possible to monitor vast coverage areas with great detail. We use our experience, gained by working at such secure locations as casinos, to offer our customers the latest options. Monitor your facility in real time at or away from your office and have the ability to look at stored history with tremendous detail.

Emergency Call Systems
We offer the installation of all types of Nurse or Staff calls systems. These systems are utilized in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities.