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Disaster Recovery & Insurance Repair

Disaster Recovery & Insurance Repair


Orlando Diefenderfer has completed countless insurance-related projects. We approach each project with the understanding that the customer may have special needs due to the unexpected nature of the loss. We are also aware of the emotional nature of a disaster and conduct ourselves accordingly. Our primary goal is to get the displaced client back in their home or business with as little inconvenience as possible. With our skilled work force and fleet of service vans, we get the job done correctly and on time.


  • Diefenderfer has completed hundreds of insurance repair projects over the years, including damage due to storms, explosions, fire, water, and sinkholes.

  • We provide immediate temporary repairs to eliminate hazards and restore power to critical loads.

  • We work closely with the customers’ insurance company to ensure that any rights to a claim are not jeopardized.

  • We work closely with local municipality, utilities, and inspectors to assure a timely process for getting repairs done.